Cups, Candles & Laces

2016.11.03_Cups, Candles & Laces V

A series of photographs by Divvya Nirula – exploring form and texture.


“The textured Light, touches the glass, converting the cup to Light – Enter it says – into my arms, before you turn into Night!”

“I change my angles, as I touch your space – Moving from level to level. Searching and Seeking, I find my Home in the traces that are, Deepening and Speaking forever and ever my dear!”

“As the fire burns out, I rise Higher and Higher, Straying from the source that is yours. They call me smoke – dark and billowy, Yet here I stand Solid and Tall!”

“They try and sneak upon me, Armed with their weapons of strife, Looking for cracks and crevices, They find only doorways of life and light! I say – enter, they run away, I bless them with my love, Can they feel it, touch it, smell, hear it, In their Hearts?”

“The Spaces have changed, As the Places have been found, From this new abode of mine, I am truly blessed, Isn’t it Profound. The Truth I have Is Trusted, Rejuvenating, and is My Treasured Heart, I invite you in, take not what you want, but what you need from this fountain that was always here – ever Yours!”

– Divvya Nirula